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Jackson Hole Airport Board Special Meeting - June 19, 2024
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Board Meeting Document Archive

2024 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummaryDraft Documents
January 22, 2024 Special Meeting1/22/2024Agenda MinutesSummaryDraft Documents
February 23, 2024 Special Meeting02/23/2024AgendaMinutesSummaryDraft Documents
March 19, 2024 Special Meeting3/19/2024AgendaMinutesSummaryDraft Documents
April 9, 2024 Special Meeting (Budget Workshop)04/09/2023AgendaMinutesN/AN/A
April 17, 2024 Regular Meeting04/17/2024AgendaSummaryDraft Documents
June 19, 2024 Regular Board Meeting06/19/2024Agenda
June 19 - 20, 2024 Board Retreat6/19/2024AgendaN/AN/A

2023 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
December 18, 2023 Special Meeting12/18/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
November 8, 2023 Special Meeting11/08/2023AgendaMinutes
October 25, 2023 Workshop - Capital Plan Update (10:00 am)10/25/2023AgendaMinutes
September 25, 2023 Special Meeting09/25/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
September 19 Special Meeting09/19/2023AgendaMinutes
August 23, 2023 Special Meeting08/23/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
June 21, 2023 Regular Meeting6/21/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
June 15 and June 16, 2023 Board Retreat06/15/2023Minutes
May 17, 2023 Regular Board Meeting05/17/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
April 19, 2023 Regular Board Meeting04/19/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
April 14, 2023 Special Meeting (Ground Transportation Workshop)04/14/2023Minutes
March 15, 2023 Regular Board Meeting03/15/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
March 15, 2023 Special Meeting (Budget and General Aviation Workshop)03/15/2023Minutes
February 15, 2023 Regular Board Meeting02/15/2023AgendaMinutesSummary
February 15, 2023 Special Meeting - New Member Workshop2/15/2023Minutes

2022 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
December 14 Special Meeting12/14/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
November 16 Special Meeting11/16/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
October 26 Special Meeting10/26/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
September 21 Board Meeting09/21/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
September 13 Special Board Meeting09/13/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
August 17 Special Meeting (Ground Transportation Committee)Minutes
August 17 Board Meeting08/17/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
August 17 Special Meeting (FBO Facility Tour)8/17/2022Minutes
July 13, 2022 Special Board Meeting07/13/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
GA Committee Meeting (Special Meeting)6/22/2022Minutes
June 16, 2022 Special Board Meeting (Executive Session) - Jackson Lake Lodge, Homesteader Room6/16/2022AgendaMinutes
June Board Retreat (June 15 and 16)6/15/2022Minutes
June 15, 2022 Board Meeting06/15/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
May 18, 2022 Board Meeting5/18/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
May 12, 2022 Special Board Meeting05/12/2022AgendaMinutes
April 20, 2022 Board Meeting04/20/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
March 16, 2022 Board Meeting03/16/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
February 23, 2022 Special Meeting 02/23/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
February 3, 2022 Special Board Meeting02/03/2022AgendaMinutesSummary
January 27, 2022 Special Meeting01/27/2022AgendaMinutesSummary

2021 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
December Special Board Meeting12/17/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
November Board Retreat11/30/2021Minutes
November Special Board Meeting11/19/2021AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/20/2021AgendaMinutes
October Special Board Meeting10/4/2021AgendaMinutes
September Regular Board Meeting09/15/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
August Regular Board Meeting08/18/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/21/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
June Special Board Meeting06/28/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/14/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/20/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/21/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
April Special Board Meeting04/08/2021AgendaMinutes
March Regular Board Meeting03/17/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/17/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
January Special Board Meeting01/28/2021AgendaMinutesSummary

2020 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
January Special Board Meeting01/16/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/17/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/17/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/23/2020AgendaMinutes
April Special Board Meeting04/24/2020AgendaMinutes
May Special Board Meeting05/07/2020AgendaMinutes
May Regular Board Meeting05/21/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
June Special Board Meeting06/02/2020AgendaMinutes
June Regular Board Meeting06/17/2020AgendaMinutes
July Public Hearing07/15/2020AgendaMinutes
July Regular Board Meeting07/15/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
July Special Board Meeting07/31/2020AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/19/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
September Special Board Meeting09/16/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
September Board Retreat09/29/2020AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/21/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
November Special Board Meeting and Capital Plan Update11/04/2020AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
December Special Board Meeting12/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary

2019 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/22/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/22/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/21/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/12/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
July Special Board Meeting07/22/2019AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/21/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
September Regular Board Meeting09/18/2019AgendaMinutes
October Special Board Meeting10/01/2019AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/16/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
November Special Board Meeting11/13/2019AgendaMinutes
November Board Retreat11/19/2019Agenda
December Public Hearing12/18/2019AgendaMinutes
December Regular Board Meeting12/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary

2018 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
January Regular Board Meeting01/24/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/21/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/21/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/27/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/16/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/20/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/11/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
August Regular Board Meeting08/10/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
September Regular Board Meeting09/12/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
October Regular Board Meeting10/10/2018AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/16/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
December Regular Board Meeting12/19/2018AgendaMinutes

2017 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/22/2017AgendaMinutes
March Regular Board Meeting03/19/2017AgendaMinutes
April Regular Board Meeting04/19/2017AgendaMinutes
May Regular Board Meeting05/17/2017AgendaMinutes
June Regular Board Meeting06/21/2017AgendaMinutes
July Regular Board Meeting07/19/2017AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/16/2017AgendaMinutes
September Regular Board Meeting09/20/2017AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/18/2017
October Special Board Meeting10/18/2017AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/01/2017AgendaMinutes
November Special Board Meeting11/10/2017AgendaMinutes
December Regular Board Meeting12/20/2017AgendaMinutes

Board Resolutions

Utilize the drop down menu by year to select and view resolutions in a given year.

Resolution 2024-01 - Adopting Wyoming Hazard Mitigation Plan
Resolution 2024-02 - AIP 79
Resolution 2023-01 - Concessions Relief
Resolution 2023-02 - Subcontractor Procurement Waiver for Fuel Facility Tank Project
Resolution 2023-03 - AIP 73
Resolution 2023-04 - Delegation and Reservation of Authority
Resolution 2023-05 - Jackson Hole Airport Board Insurance Policy
Resolution 2023-06 - Authorizing Participation in the Wyoming CLASS
Resolution 2023-07 - Establishment of Fees and Charges (Amended August 23, 2023)
Resolution 2023-08 - AIP 74
Resolution 2023-09 - Statement of Investment Policy
Resolution 2023-10 - AIP 77
Resolution 2023-11 - AIP 78
Resolution 2023-12 - Assett Disposal Policy
Resolution 2023-13 - Terminal Media Policy
Resolution 2023-14 - Rental Car Customer Facility Charge (CFC)
Resolution 2022-01 - Establishment of Fees and Charges
Resolution 2022-02 - Accepting AIP 71
Resolution 2022-03 - Accepting WYDOT Grant AJA023A
Resolution 2022-04 - Accepting AIP 72
Resolution 2022-05 - Subcontracator Procurement Waiver
Resolution 2022-06 -Use Agreement Extension
Resolution 2022-07 - Asset Purchase Agreement between Jackson Hole Aviation and Jackson Hole Airport Board
Resolution 2021-01 - Tribute to Senator Henry Hank Coe
VOID Resolution 2021-02 - Subcontractor Procurement Waiver Exit Lane Project
Resolution 2021-03 - Accepting Grant Agreement with FAA (AIP 65)
Resolution 2021-04 - Accepting FAA Grant Addendum ACRGP 3-56-0014-066-2021
Resolution 2021-05 - Establishment of Fees and Charges
Resolution 2021-06 - Specialized Airport Dining Furniture Procurement Waiver
Resolution 2021-07 - Fees and Reasonable Taxi Rates for Services from the Airport
VOID Resolution 2021-08 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver ATO Relocation
Resolution 2021-09 - Accepting Grant Agreement with FAA (AIP 67)
Resolution 2021-10 - Accepting FAA Grant AIP 68
Resolution 2021-11 - CMAR Subcontractor Procuremen Waiver Entry Vestibule
Resolution 2021-12 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver Marketplace
Resolution 2021-13 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver - Holdroom
Resolution 2021-14 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver ATO
Resolution 2021-15 - Corporate Credit Card Authority
Resolution 2021-16 - Accepting Grant Agreement with FAA (AIP 70)
Resolution 2021-17 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver SSCP
Resolution 2021-18 - CMAR Subcontractor Procurement Waiver Restaurant Basement Hold Room
Resolution 2020-01 - Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking Pledge
Resolution 2020-02 - AIP Grant No. 3-56-0014-061-2020
Resolution 2020-03 - CARES Grant No. 3-56-0014-061-2020
Resolution 2020-04 - Establishment of Fees & Charges
Resolution 2020-05 - AIP Grant Amendment No. 3-56-0014-061-2020
Resolution 2020-06 - Tribute to Chief Todd Smith
Resolution 2020-07 - Grant Authorization up to $25m for Runway Reconstruction Project
Resolution 2020-08 - AIP Crant No. 3-56-0014-063
Resolution 2020-09 - AIP Grant No. 3-56-0014-064
Resolution 2020-10 - Tribute to Grant Larson
Resolution 2020-11 - Tribute to Doyle Vaughan
Resolution 2020-12 - Tribute to David Vela

Financial Information

The Jackson Hole Airport Board is a Joint Powers Board as defined under Wyoming State Statute. Each fiscal year, the Airport Board approves and adopts an annual budget and submits it to the Town of Jackson and Teton County for consideration. The Town and County must also approve Federal Grants that the Airport may receive. Additionally the Airport Board annually has had independent third party audits of the Airport’s finances to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Financial Information

YearAuditsApproved BudgetsBudget PresentationsApproved Rates & ChargesVouchers
Fiscal Year 2024 - 2025Approved Budget
Fiscal Year 2023-2024Approved Budget Fiscal Year End June 30, 2024Fees and Charges
Fiscal Year 2022-23FYE June 30 2023 AuditApproved Budget - 2022-23Budget Presentation - 2022Fees and Charges - 2022FY 2022.2023 Vouchers
Fiscal Year 2021-22FYE June 30, 2022 - AuditApproved Budget - 2021-22Budget Presentation - 2021Fees & Charges - 2021FY 2021.2022 Vouchers
Fiscal Year 2020-21FYE June 30, 2021 - AuditApproved Budget - 2020-21Budget Presentation - 2020Fees & Charges - 2020FY 2020.2021 Vouchers
Fiscal Year 2019-20FYE June 30, 2020 - AuditApproved Budget - 2019-20Budget Presentation - 2019Fees & Charges - 2019FY 2019.2020 Vouchers
Fiscal Year 2018-19FYE June 30, 2019 - AuditApproved Budget - 2018-19Budget Presentation - 2018Rates & Charges - 2018FY 2018.2019 Vouchers

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

62°F / 17°C

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