The Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) requests all commercial and private aircraft operators to respect the Airport’s Voluntary Noise Curfew and to follow the Noise Abatement Procedures Outlined Below.

These voluntary measures are extremely important to minimize aircraft noise over the surrounding communities and sensitive areas of Grand Teton National Park. The Jackson Hole Airport Board and staff are committed to being industry leaders in environmental stewardship. These measures are part of the Airport’s Operating Agreement and lease with Grand Teton National Park, and encouraging participation in JAC’s Noise Mitigation Program is a commitment the Airport makes a top priority. Grand Teton National Park, and the Jackson Hole Airport thank you for your participation in these efforts. The Airport relies on your partnership to be the best stewards for the community and the environment.

Voluntary Noise Curfew

All aircraft are requested not to land or takeoff after 9:30 pm or before 7:00 am local time. Apart from emergency medical flights and approved irregular commercial aircraft operations, aircraft operators who do not respect the Voluntary Noise Curfew will receive a noise curfew violation letter from the Airport. Curfew violations will also result in score reductions through the criteria outlined in the Fly Quiet Program.

Noise Abatement Procedures

The Airport encourages aircraft to fly preferred approach and departure paths to limit noise over Grand Teton National Park and surrounding communities.

Please note – Certain weather and operational conditions can prevent some aircraft from using these preferred flight paths safely. To maintain the safe flow of aircraft arriving and departing at JAC, aircraft may deviate from the preferred Noise Abatement Procedures. Following these procedures is the sole responsibility of the operator and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Fly Quiet Program

The Jackson Hole Airport has established and implemented a Fly Quiet Program. This program is designed to encourage pilots that operate at JAC to fly quieter aircraft, utilize preferred procedures, and respect the Voluntary Noise Curfew in order to minimize aircraft noise over Grand Teton National Park as well as noise sensitive communities.  All private and commercial operators are graded and receive their scores on a quarterly basis. The top five performing operators from each aircraft category are highlighted in our local papers and national aviation platforms (in both print and digital media) following each ranked quarter. Low performing operators are encouraged to improve their scores by following the tips listed in the Fly Quiet Help Guide.

Noise Concerns

All noise mitigation measures and programs listed above are voluntary and cannot be legally enforced by Jackson Hole Airport. The Airport does not have legal authority to penalize aircraft operators when noise mitigation measures and programs are not followed.

The airspace at Jackson Hole Airport is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Because these programs are voluntary, we ask anyone with a noise concern to please send their feedback directly to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for consideration. The Jackson Hole Airport Board is not authorized to limit the number of flights or types of aircraft using our facilities. The FAA is the only organization that can formally respond to these inquiries.

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