About Our Environmental Projects

The Jackson Hole Airport is dedicated to becoming an industry leader in environmental stewardship, green building initiatives, and sustainability. Focusing on environmental initiatives allows the Airport to give back to our community and our environment. The Jackson Hole Airport’s unique location inside Grand Teton National Park requires extra measures to preserve our natural environment.

The Airport is a valuable partner in supporting Grand Teton National Park’s goal of protecting the extraordinary wildlife, pristine lakes and rivers, and alpine environment that is our backyard. Our Board is complemented with members that are very passionate about conservation and sustainability.  Board member, John Eastman, was appointed to the National Park Service Overflights Advisory Group (NPOAG) in 2017. The NPOAG advises the National Park Service on implementing volunteer agreements with stakeholders that include the Federal Aviation Administration, municipal airport authorities, air tour businesses, conservation organizations, and tribal organizations.

Implementing creative initiatives at JAC has helped increase sustainability measures and strengthened our cooperative partnerships with the community and Grand Teton National Park.