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Fly Quiet Program

The Jackson Hole Airport has established and implemented a Fly Quiet Program.  This program is designed to encourage pilots that operate at JAC to fly quieter aircraft, and to utilize preferred approaches that mitigate noise occurrences over sensitive areas of our community and Grand Teton National Park.

Fly Quiet Help Guide

Current and Historical Radar Tracks


Noise Concerns

To submit a formal noise concern to the Federal Aviation Administration, please click here. Please know concerns submitted on this platform are not typically shared directly with the the Jackson Hole Airport. JAC may not be notified of a submission or resolution/reply from the FAA.


Current Fly Quiet Rankings

December 14, 2022 Fly Quiet Score Cards

Noise Abatement Plan & Part 150 Noise Study

Southern Departure Task Force

The purpose of the Southern Departure Procedure Study was to further investigate the feasibility of a procedure for southern departures that could reduce noise for the entire community south of the Jackson Hole Airport, while taking into consideration other noise sensitive areas such as the Elk Refuge, U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service lands. The Study sought to determine if one or more such procedures are feasible and if so, to conceptually design them. The intent of the Study was to build upon the well­ developed existing noise abatement program in place at the Airport and look for ways to further refine and reduce noise.

In connection with this work, the Departure Procedure Study Input Taskforce was organized to provide input and consultation on the process. The SIT meetings were used to obtain stakeholder input, address questions, ensure understanding regarding the Airport’s and FAA’s roles, and to identify the challenges of designing such procedures relative to FAA standards, criteria and constraints to flying certain procedures. The duration of the SIT expired at the end of the Study.


JAC Southern Dep Procedure Report and Appendices


Southern Departure Procedures FAQ

Task Force Meetings

Meeting DateMeeting VideoWritten SummaryPresentation Slides
Feb 10, 2022YouTube LinkMeeting SummaryPresentation
Mar 24, 2022YouTube LinkMeeting Summary
Apr 28, 2022YouTube LinkMeeting SummaryPresentation
Jun 29, 2022YouTube LinkMeeting SummaryPresentation
Aug 16, 2022YouTube LinkPresentation

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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