Jackson Hole Airport Joins The Good Traveler Program



September 30, 2019


Jackson Hole Airport Joins The Good Traveler Program

Program Offers Travelers an Efficient Way to Make Air Travel Sustainable

Jackson, Wyoming – Continuing their mission to be leaders in sustainability, the Jackson Hole Airport Board is bringing The Good Traveler program to the Jackson Hole Airport.

The Good Traveler provides an opportunity for travelers to offset their carbon emissions by contributing to certified offset projects such as restoring wetlands and growing forests.

An airport-led nonprofit collaboration, The Good Traveler, offers an affordable, accessible and meaningful way for airline passengers to mitigate their environmental impact. A leader in the industry, this program has offset over 23 million passenger-miles since its beginning in 2016.

Innovation in sustainable aviation fuels will be the next source of carbon reduction, and the Jackson Hole Airport Board was thrilled at the reception and interest Avfuel received on September 3rd at the stormwater ribbon cutting. The Airport Board is keen on learning the latest in sustainable aviation materials and supporting programs like The Good Traveler program.

“By providing our travelers an affordable opportunity to offset the carbon emissions we are partnering with them in our efforts to be sustainable,” says Jackson Hole Airport Director Jim Elwood. “We hear from locals and visitors that they are interested in being part of the solution when it comes to offsetting carbon emissions, and we are proud to bring this program to Jackson Hole.”

Visitors to the JH Airport will be able to learn more and contribute to the program starting today. To learn more visit https://www.jacksonholeairport.com/airport-guide/environmental-initiatives/.

About The Good Traveler

The Good Traveler is operated by the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). RMI’s mission is to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and low-carbon future. The Sustainable Aviation team at RMI is forging innovative partnerships with airports to decarbonize the aviation industry.