Parking Status

Jackson Hole Airport Webcam - North Parking Lot



Parking at Jackson Hole Airport

The Jackson Hole Airport has both short term and long term parking available onsite for passengers.

We recommend taking advantage of  taxi/shuttle services available from Jackson to the Airport, or have someone drop you off two hours prior to your departure.

You may also view one of our parking lot webcams to check parking availability before you drive to the Airport.


Long Term parking

The main and overflow parking lots can be occupied for up to 5 hours for free. After 5 hours, the daily rate of $17 will be charged when exiting the lot. If you plan on parking overnight at the Airport, a fee of  $17 per 24 hour period will be applied at the beginning of each 24 hour period.


How to Pay for Parking

When entering any parking lot, please take a ticket from the parking kiosk. Keep the ticket with you or place it in our vehicle, being sure to keep the parking media out of direct sunlight. (You do not need to display your parking pass in your vehicle.)

Upon return, the parking pass can be used at one of the pay stations located inside the airport terminal, or use one of the parking kiosks located at every parking lot exit.

Two pay stations are located inside the terminal for use. One is located by the vending machines in the baggage claim exit and the other is located at the main entrance located across for the Security Screening Checkpoint.

When prepaying for parking in the terminal, you must have the parking media with you. Enter the ticket into the kiosk and it will return a validated ticket to you. The validated ticket will  permit exiting the lot within one hour of validation. Upon exiting the parking lot, enter the validated parking media into the kiosk and the exit gate will automatically open.


Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available in the public lot, short term lot and overflow lot.

Short Term Parking

Short term parking is located at the south end of the airport terminal and FREE up to 2 hours. This lot is not meant for overnight parking and after 2 hours, a rate of $5 per 30 minutes with a max of $100 per 24 hour period will be applied.


For efficiency and safety, the curbside area at the terminal is for active loading and unloading of bags and passengers only. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended at the curbside of the terminal. If vehicles are left unattended, the Airport may issue a ticket and possibly have the vehicle towed.