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Restaurant & Gate Projects

Project Overivew

Restaurant Remodel & Expansion

The restaurant area at JAC will be expanded to twice its currents size. This project will allow for additional space and updated seating and service areas. A full basement will be constructed under the new restaurant to allow for additional storage. The new design has taken into consideration the flow of foot traffic, ease of access, and efficiency.

Gate Remodel & Expansion

The gate area adjacent to the restaurant will also be expanded, adding two additional boarding gates. Common use technology will be installed at the gates to allow for flexibility with space and airline operations. The pet relief area and mothers’ room will be relocated and will remain in-service throughout the duration of the construction of the new restaurant and gate area.


Restaurant construction will begin in April of 2022 and is expected to be completed by the end of November of 2022. Interim food and beverage options will be available in a limited capacity, post-security, throughout the duration of this project.

Notice and Invitation to Purchase Revenue Bonds for Airport Restaurant October 20, 2021

Proposal Due Date has been extended until 1 pm local time, Friday November 12,2021.

Start DateConstruction BeginsApril 2022
Completion DateConstruction EndsDecember 2022




The restaurant area inside JAC will expand to twice its size which will allow for our guests to have additional space for seating and will have an ease of access and efficiency throughout the restaurant.

The pet relief area and mother’s room will remain in-service; however, the facilities will be relocated.

During construction, there will be food and beverage options at a limited capacity at JAC. We recommend that you bring some snacks from in town or home and an empty water bottle that may be filled at our water filling
stations located throughout.

All FAA and TSA regulations will apply, no liquids over 3.5 ounces will be allowed through security. We encourage all travelers to bring an empty water bottle while traveling as JAC and many other airports are equipped with water filling stations post-security.

Past Capital Projects

Past Capital Projects

Start Date: May 2021
End Date: December 2022

The Jackson Hole Airport is our community’s airport, and these terminal projects will help JAC accommodate demands placed on the facility. Many of the projects outlined below increase available space to safely and efficiently conduct airport operations while continuing to meet travelers’ high expectations for customer service and experience.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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