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Past Capital Projects

Past Capital Projects

Restaurant and Gate ProjectCompleteCompleted December 2022
Runway Reconstruction - Phase 3CompleteCompleted September 2022
TSA Checkpoint ProjectCompleteCompleted June 2022
Runway Reconstruction - Phase 2CompleteCompleted June 2022
Runway Reconstruction - Phase 1CompleteCompleted October 2021
Baggage Claim MarketplaceCompleteCompleted November 2021
Entrance Vestibule & BackflowCompleteCompleted May 2021
Ticketing Counter ProjectCompleteCompleted May 2021


This project was completed in December, 2022.

Restaurant Remodel & Expansion

The restaurant area at JAC was expanded to twice its former size. The project allowed for additional space, as well as updated seating and service areas. The full basement was constructed under the new restaurant to allow for additional storage. The new design has taken into consideration the flow of foot traffic, ease of access, and efficiency.

Gate Remodel & Expansion

The gate area adjacent to the restaurant was also expanded, adding two additional boarding gates. Common use technology was installed at the gates to allow for flexibility with space and airline operations. The pet relief area and mothers’ room was relocated and remained in service throughout the duration of the construction of the new restaurant and gate area.


This project was completed in September, 2022.

JAC had nearly 50 years of use on its previous runway and it had been rehabilitated 4 times since it was previously constructed in the late 70’s. 

In the spring of 2022, it was necessary for the runway at JAC to be fully reconstructed. This required a 78-day runway closure to enable construction crews to work 24/7, until the project was completed.

The runway reconstruction was completed in 3 phases and project engineers had estimated that JAC would be able to reuse 90-95% of the previous runway material for the reconstruction. This helped to reduce the number of truck trips to/from the airport during all phases of the runway construction.

Phase I included preliminary work for staging the entire runway project. Importing materials, installation of drainage, and the paving of the Runway Safety Area took place in Phase 1. This work was completed in 100 calendar days beginning in June and ending in October of 2021.

Phase 2 is the project phase that included the 78-day runway closure and took place from April 11th, 2022 through June 27, during  2022. There was no flight operations at JAC or Jackson Hole Aviation during the 78-day closure. The National Forest Service Helitack Base remained operational throughout the closure. 

During Phase 2, runway material was excavated, and a new subbase was placed and paved. Taxiways’ A4 and A1 were also reconstructed during this time as well as a portion of Taxiway A2. Crews worked 24/7 during the 78-day closure to complete the project on schedule. Commercial air service to/from JAC resumed on June 28th, 2022.

Phase 3 began in July of 2022 and was completed by the end of September 2022. Phase 3 took place during a 30-day period for runway grooving and striping. The runway was open to aircraft during this time and all grooving and striping took place at night. 

During the 78-day closure, our construction partners and the Airport were committed to guaranteeing that this project was completed efficiently, with minimal impacts, and adhered to the highest environmental standards we could achieve on such a project.


This project was completed in June, 2022.

The Security Screening Checkpoint is the oldest part of the terminal building at JAC. To accommodate modern security screening technology needs, the Checkpoint area will be undergoing a complete redesign.

The hold room (area where passengers wait to board planes) adjacent to the checkpoint will also be renovated to create additional seating and flexible free-standing space.

The Checkpoint project will begin on January 3rd of 2022 and is expected to be completed by June 27 of 2022, to coincide with the runway re-opening. From January of 2022 through April of 2022, travelers will be using a temporary Security Checkpoint equipped with three screening lanes, until the runway closure begins. Upon completion, travelers can expect to experience a safer Checkpoint with four active screening lanes.


This project was completed in November, 2021.

In order to meet the needs of the public and travelers, the airport has constructed a new Marketplace in the baggage claim building. This marketplace provides additional seating areas, a variety of options for food, drink, and other essentials to airport users.


This project was completed in May, 2021.


This project was completed in May, 2021.

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