Security Screening Services Will Federalize May 1st, 2023



March 21, 2023

Security Screening Services Will Federalize May 1st, 2023


Jackson, Wyoming – The Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) Security Screening services will be operated by Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents beginning this May.

Late last year, the Airport Board rebid on the 5-year private security contract they have had in place for over 20 years. The Airport Board provided a bid higher than the Federal Cost Estimate (FCE) because it reflected the true cost of employing staff and operating the security checkpoint. TSA’s FCE for the bid was lower than the same figure used in the last bid in 2016. The Board submitted clear concerns as to why the FCE should be higher than stated in the application and recommended TSA adjust the FCE. TSA rejected the Board’s application, for the first time in two decades, because the bid was over the allotted FCE.

On December 14, 2022, the Airport Board was notified that Aviation Security Management (ASM), LLC was awarded the Screening Contract to for JAC. ASM’s contract called for them to begin providing screening services at the Airport on May 1, 2023. On March 13, 2023, the Airport was notified by TSA that ASM would not be providing screening services, however no specific details for their decision were given.

After ASM declined to move forward with the  contract, the TSA gave the Airport Board one final option, which was to sign a new 5-year contract that followed the FCE outlined by the TSA in the original contract bid process. In order to staff the checkpoint under the FCE, the Airport Board would have to reduce staffing while also reducing wages and benefits of remaining staff. Because of these factors, the Airport Board decided not to reapply for the contract.

“The Board and staff have exhausted all resources in trying to renegotiate this contract. Our main objective has been to pay living wages and provide the necessary benefits to all airport staff who make many sacrifices and face challenges living in this area. We hope that TSA can operate efficiently, and we will work in partnership with them as we do all our stakeholders. The Board sincerely appreciates our security screening staff for their patience, professionalism and dedication to the safety of the traveling public over the last 22 years. The uncertainty and changing circumstances have not been easy on our team,” stated Ed Liebzeit, Board President.