Project Update: June 15th

Terminal Projects


  • Basement shoring is complete.
  • Foundation footers are being installed.



  • Flooring and ceiling are complete.
  • Millwork and finishes are being installed.



  • Carpet and ceiling are complete.
  • All interior and exterior glass is being installed next week.
  • TSA equipment will be moved in next week.


Runway Project

  • We are at Day 66 of the 78 Day Runway Project.
  • The runway is fully paved, ahead of schedule.
  • Exterior slot drains are fully installed.
  • Work on the interior slot drains on the runway has started.
  • Runway electrical work is 65% complete with work continuing on runway centerline lights and airfield signage.
  • Paving crews are close to finishing Taxiway A4 and will begin paving the north blast pad, which is the final paving section.
  • Painting and striping will begin this week in preparation for the flight check next week.
  • Crews are placing topsoil and grading surfaces along both sides of the entire runway.



FAA Flight Check

The FAA Flight Operations Group will conduct a flight check at JAC to ensure the integrity of all approach and departure navigational aids and airfield striping.  Crew members for the Flight Operations Group are located in six field offices throughout the United States, including Alaska.  A successful Flight Check is required prior to reopening of the runway at JAC.



  • Grading the Glideslope critical area.