Project Update: May 3rd

Terminal Projects

  • Terminal Projects are on schedule.
  • Basement excavation is underway.
  • The new Security Checkpoint and Hold Room area roof is complete.
  • Concrete flooring and wall framing is underway.


Runway Project

  • We are at Day 22 of our 78 Day Runway Project and on schedule.
  • Milling is approximately 80% complete for removal of the current pavement.
  • 50% of all FAA Navigational Aids work is either underway or complete.
  • Slot Drain installation is 20% complete.
  • Installation of runway lighting is underway.
  • Taxiway Alpha 1 is 75% complete.


Navigation Aids

Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs) are physical devices on the ground that aircraft can detect and fly to. The navigation instruments indicate the position of the aircraft in relation to the runway as they prepare to land.

Slot Drains

Drainage system that captures liquid flowing off large runway surfaces for the purposes of safety and environmental stewardship.



  • Removing runway center light cans.