UPDATED February 28, 2022


**Federal Security Directive** Federal law requires wearing a mask at all times in the airport. Refusing to wear a mask at the airport is a violation of federal law. Failure to comply may result in removal or denial of re-entry. This directive expires March 18, 2022.

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The Jackson Hole Airport remains open and will continue to operate while taking important measures to protect our community, staff, stakeholders and airport users. There are no plans to close the Jackson Hole Airport.

Travelers concerned about flight itineraries should contact their airline directly.

To ensure the health and safety of the traveling public and community, the Airport is taking steps to ensure a strategic response to COVID-19 and continues to conduct best practices and follow CDC guidelines. The Airport is in communication with Teton County Health, and other local agencies to monitor and respond to efforts accordingly.

Measures the Airport is Taking:

-The Airport is paying very close attention to the COVID-19 virus and taking steps to be extra diligent during this time.

-The Airport has an Airport Emergency Plan in place to handle this type of incident.

-Free Vault (COVID) tests are available for airport users in the baggage claim exit corridor.

-Transportation Security Officers are wearing facial coverings, face shields, and gloves while inside the Security Screening Checkpoint.

-Two staff members are dedicated to enforcing the Mask Mandate 7 days a week.

-JAC has received GBAC Certification.

-The Airport Administration is open from 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday, by appointment only.

-The Airport Badging Office is open from 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday, by appointment only.

-Educating staff of all Public Health and Center for Disease Control (CDC) best practices such as hand washing frequently and not touching the face.

-Airport has invested in a hospital-grade sanitizer for surfaces throughout the airport.

-Superior air filtration filters have been installed throughout the facility’s HVAC  systems. Our HVAC  systems are also being sanitized regularly.

-TSA bins are being cleaned and sanitized regularly.

-Sanitization stations have been positioned in the baggage claim area for cleaning of luggage cart handles.

-Tenants have been provided additional hand sanitizer for staff and the public along with cleaning wipes for work areas and customer touch points.

-Employees are urged to stay home when sick and not to return until fully recovered.

All employees and airport users are required to wear face coverings at all times per the Federal Mask Mandate.

-COVID-19 info graphics have been added to baggage claim carousel screens and resort screens.

-Sneeze guards have been installed throughout the facility at every public counter space.

-Physical distancing markers are located on floors throughout the facility where lines form and other public areas.

-Graphics and signage throughout the terminal and Jackson Hole Aviation continue to be updated as needed to reflect current recommendations and orders from the State, Town, County and Teton County Health.

-Mask stations have been placed throughout the facility. These stations will provide to the public, free of charge: facial coverings and hand sanitizer.

-JAC distributes travel size bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the facility.


JH Airport COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the airport still open?

The Federal Aviation Administration has been clear in their position that “it does not permit airports to shut down without agency approval.” Additionally, the FAA has sent follow up communications to airports restating that airports are not authorized to close due to COVID-19.

Is the airport planning to close?

The Jackson Hole Airport will remain open unless directed by the FAA to do otherwise.

Why Jackson Hole Airport isn’t preforming health screenings for arriving passengers:

The Jackson Hole Airport is not a Port of Entry airport and does not have international air service.  The Airport cannot, unless mandated to do so, by a Federal Agency, implement mandatory health screenings on arriving passengers.

How can I help someone who needs to change their travel itinerary?

The airlines are handling rescheduling and cancellations. The best option is to do this through their websites. Alternately, customers can call their 1 (800) numbers. Wait times for this have been reported to be long. Contacting airlines online is the preferred method for flight changes.

 What is the safest way for me to pick up my friends and family from the airport during this time?

Once you have contacted your passenger, remain in your vehicle and pull up to the curb in front of the terminal to pick them up. The loading/unloading zone is for active vehicles only and we suggest parking in the short term or general parking lots to wait until your passenger has retrieved luggage and is present on the curb.