Upcoming Capital Projects at JAC

The Jackson Hole Airport’s runway will be closed in the spring of 2022 from April 11th through June 27th to undergo runway reconstruction.

The current runway has reached the end of its life cycle and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends replacement of runways every 20-25 years to continue to meet required safety standards.

During the runway reconstruction project, the Airport Board will have the opportunity to complete several other large projects that will enhance the facility for the community. The Security Screening Checkpoint and Jedediah’s Restaurant, two of the oldest sections of the facility, will be expanded along with the Security Hold Room (where passengers wait for their flights).

The runway reconstruction and additional expansion and remodel projects allow the Airport to respond to the immediate needs of the community and stakeholders.  These facility improvements are supported by FAA grants, WYDOT grants, Airport revenues, and loans. No local or state tax dollars support these projects or the operations at JAC.

This spring, the ticketing lobby will be remodeled to accommodate additional ticket counters and a grab-and-go food concession and dining area will be added within the current baggage claim space.

More information will be available on the Airport’s website as the project dates approach and details are developed.