April 23, 2020

JH Airport Board Regular April Meeting Sees Runway Design Contract Approved

Jackson, Wyoming – The Jackson Hole Airport Board met this morning to discuss several agenda items, including a contract for design and environmental process for a new runway.

Jackson Hole Airport Board Members met remotely, with limited Airport staff present in the Airport Board Room to operate technology, for the meeting. Members of the public were able to attend by viewing a live feed, calling in to listen and give public comment on the WebEx platform.

The Airport Board heard from the Town and County liaisons as well as members of the public during today’s meeting.

A design contract and environmental process were discussed and approved regarding a new Airport runway targeted for spring 2022. More information will be forthcoming, including day counts for how long the runway will be under construction.

Any day counts will be minimized through construction efficiency by importing materials before construction, 24/7 work, on-site batch plants, and more.

“We will be in communication with the Chamber, local businesses, lodging partners and community organizations regarding information throughout this process and letting them know what we know as early as possible,” says JH Airport Board President Jerry Blann. “Airport runways, like roadways, have to be rebuilt from time to time, planning for the future ensures that we are ahead of the game and addressing future needs in a timely and efficient manner.”

When discussing the runway design and construction, many Airport Board members highlighted the need to coordinate with the best environmental practices to guarantee runoff and water is captured and treated.

“The FAA recognizes that JAC is the only commercial service airport in a national park and they have been historically supportive of environmental initiatives regarding surface water runoff and water quality,” says JH Airport Director Jim Elwood. “The expectation from our community and what we place on ourselves is to operate our Airport to the highest environmental standards.”

The JH Airport Board will hold a Special Board Meeting tomorrow at 8:00 am regarding Wind River Air’s permit application. Details on how to listen, view and participate may be found at