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JAC Parking Program

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The JAC Parking Program is an effort to support our local community and is only available to travelers that reside within the surrounding area. If approved, the JAC Parking Program will discount your daily parking rate from $25 to $17.

CLICK HERE to view the eligibility map.

**Terms subject to change.


Follow this link to register for the JAC Parking Program:

JAC Parking Program Registration

**Please allow 72 hours for your registration to process.


Peak Dates

Due to high demand during busier travel times, the discount will not apply over the following dates:

  • Summer: July 1-5; August 24-27; August 31-September 4
  • Fall: November 17-26
  • Winter: December 22-January 2; February 15-19; February 22-25
  • Spring: March 7-10; March 14-17; March 21-24; March 28-31


How to Utilize the JAC Parking Program QR Code

1. Once you have received your discount QR code, customers should NOT PULL A TICKET to enter the parking lot.

2. Take a screen shot or print your Discount QR Code for easy access when you arrive (you will receive your Discount QR Code in an acceptance email upon approval).

3. Scan your QR Code utilizing the barcode scanner, under the left side of the column. (Do not take a ticket from the entrance gate if you would like to use your discount code. If you have a question on how to enter the lot please use the intercom button on the bottom of the column, and an attendant will help you.)

4. The gate will open allowing you to enter the car park.

5. When leaving the lot, utilize the exit gate in the same fashion with your QR Code. Your parking fee will appear on the screen at the discounted rate. Parking discounts will not be applied if the QR Code was not used to enter the lot, or if utilized during blackout dates.

6. Pay for your parking, and exit the lot.

Rules:1. Each QR Code is specific to each user. Do not share or utilize somebody else’s QR code.

2. If a QR Code is used to enter the lot, the same QR Code must be used to exit the lot, or standard parking rates will apply.

3. Discounts will not be provided to users that have pulled a ticket from the entrance column. Standard parking rates will apply. (Users must utilize the QR Code to enter the lot.)

4. Review the Jackson Hole Airport Policy regarding blackout dates to maximize your savings.

5. Any misuse of the discount parking pass may lead to suspension of the discount. (At the discretion of the Jackson Hole Airport Authority)

6. The QR Code is good for repeat uses, however each QR Code will only allow a single vehicle in the lot at the same time.

7. Discount is not eligible for vehicles that occupy more than one parking stall.


Uber & Lyft Discount

As an alternative to your JAC Parking Program QR Code, you will also receive a $5 discount with Uber or Lyft for each leg to/from the Airport.

Uber and Lyft discount information will be emailed or sent to you via text. Please allow 72 hours for processing.

*For Uber users, be sure to select your JAC corporate account before selecting your ride.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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