Jackson Hole Airport Parking Updates







May 22, 2023

 Jackson Hole Airport Parking Updates 

Jackson, Wyoming – The Jackson Hole Airport continues to have limited parking available during peak travel times and is updating peak parking fees to ensure availability for airport users that need it most. Peak period pricing and changes to the JAC Parking Program blackout dates will be effective on July 1st. 

Peak Period pricing will be $30.00 per 24-hours for the Main and Overflow Lots. On non-peak dates, the Main and Overflow parking lots will remain at $25.00 per 24-hours. The JAC Parking Program 24-hour parking rate will remain at $17.00 on non-peak dates. Peak period rates will apply to anyone parking between 5-24 hours in the long-term lots. Airport users can park in the Main and Overflow lots for up to 90 minutes for free. The short-term parking lot grace period is (1) hour, and the short-term lot rates remain unchanged. 

Airport parking demands frequently exceeded supply in 2022, leading to the Main, Overflow, and Short-Term parking lots reaching capacity. Airports often can consider building additional airport parking structures or expanding existing lots to accommodate higher parking demand; however, this option is not available at JAC because of its location inside Grand Teton National Park and developable space is extremely limited. These changes are intended to encourage passengers to use alternative modes of transportation and reduce demand on the parking lots during peak periods when the parking lots are regularly full. 

“Parking is a community-wide issue, and after much discussion, the Board decided to keep the JAC Parking Program rate the same. The Airport Board is continually seeking creative solutions to keep long-term parking available and not turn anyone away when parking long-term is their only option,” remarked Board President Ed Liebzeit. 

Approximately 3,700 local airport users from the greater Jackson and surrounding area have registered with the JAC Parking Program over the last year. The Program is designed to offer locals discounted parking rates. Advanced registration is required, and more information is available for the JAC Parking Program on the Airport’s website at www.jacksonholeairport.com/travelers/parking/parkingprogram. 

Staff reviewed parking lot occupancy data to identify peak dates. Peak parking rates will apply to anyone parking in the Airport’s long-term lots and are as follows: July 1 – 5; August 24 – 27; August 31 – September 4; November 17 – 26; December 22 – January 2; February 15 – 19; February 22 – 25; March 7 – 10; March 14 – 17; March 21 – 24; and March 28 – 31.

To view more Airport parking information, please visit the Airport’s website at www.jacksonholeairport.com/parking.