Phase 3 of the Runway Project Scheduled August 8th – September 8th, 2022

The Jackson Hole Airport will begin the final phase (known as Phase 3) of the Runway 1/19 Reconstruction project nightly on August 8th through September 8th.

The primary work to be completed in Phase 3 includes grooving and permanent runway striping. Grooving of the runway is an essential safety measure required by the FAA as it increases aircraft traction and helps divert water from collecting on the runway surface. Striping the runway is necessary to guide aircrafts while taking off and departing.

Phase 3 will be conducted nightly after the last arriving commercial flight and until 6:00am for a period of 30 calendar nights. A Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) will be in place during this time which will close the runway during Phase 3 construction each night. Exceptions will be made for emergency medical flights as needed.

The runway grooving operation will begin on the north end of the runway and progress to the south approximately 300-400 feet each night. Grooving operations will be heard by close neighbors especially towards the end of the Phase 3 work where the grooving operation will be furthest to the south. Light plants will also be in use during Phase 3. As in Phase 2, lights will be shrouded and pointed to the east to help minimize impacts. Striping will begin as soon as the grooving is completed.