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START Airport Shuttle Pilot Program

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Pilot Program Details

START Bus Site Transit App Survey

Starting December 16, 2023, START will launch an airport shuttle pilot program during the 2023/24 winter season. This pilot program will be conducted through Sunday, April 14, 2024 and is aimed at gauging the demand for bus service and learning more about its riders and service quality.  

Data collected during the study will be evaluated to determine if ridership could support an established route to and from the airport in the future. Strong ridership numbers will contribute to the success of the study, and both riders and non-riders are encouraged to participate in the online survey to help stakeholders gain important feedback.

Riding the START Bus is easy and locals and visitors can reach many destinations in our area. To view a map on how to connect with other START Bus routes from the shuttle, please click here. To plan your trip and view all the areas START Bus services, please utilize the Transit App, or visit the START Bus website visit by clicking here. 

Riders should purchase bus tickets before traveling by downloading the START Bus Transit App. One-way fares are listed below, and roundtrip tickets can be purchased using the Transit App. Customers can also pay with exact cash when boarding the bus. Drivers cannot make change for tickets purchased with cash.

  • – Begins Saturday, December 16, 2023 through Sunday, April 14 2024


  • – Coach bus with luggage bay storage under the bus.
  • – Hourly service from Miller Park runs 5:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.
  • – Hourly service from the Airport runs 5:40 am to 9:40 pm daily (last bus will wait until 10 pm to depart from JAC).


Route Stops
  • – Miller Park Shelter (west side of Millward St, near tennis courts)
  • – Antler Inn
  • – Deloney and Willow
  • – Home Ranch Welcome Center

Please note: No airport-specific or long-term parking will be available at any stop.



Transferring to Teton Village

Riders headed to Teton Village should transfer at the Miller Park shuttle stop on N Millward St, then walk across the street to the Miller Park bus stop on E Deloney Ave.



Fare Structure

(Teton Village, Star Valley and Teton Valley, and other seasonal or monthly passes do not apply)

One-Way Fares

  • – Adults: $10.00
  • – Children 12 & under: $5.00
  • – Children 8 & under: Free (when riding with an adult)
  • – Seniors and individuals with disabilities: $5.00


Pilot Program Outcomes

For information on the next steps after the pilot study concludes, please see the FAQs below.



  1. Q. Why was this route chosen?

A. This route stops at most key destinations around Town Square and can be completed in a one hour trip to the Airport.

A. A longer route to West Jackson or to the Village would take 2-4 times as long, which would also mean a much higher cost to operate, and without the possibility of hourly service.

A. With this being a pilot study, there is an emphasis on keeping the service simple and cost-effective to learn if there is a demand for service to and from the Airport.

  1. Q. Will START on Demand Hours change?

A. START on Demand will continue to operate from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

  1. Q. Will the service become permanent?

A. The pilot service will operate until April 14, 2023. Our team will assess the pilot’s success and what a permanent service could look like.

A. Please use the shuttle and take the rider/non-rider survey to share your experience so we can evaluate the pilot’s future feasibility.

  1. Q. How do I transfer to Teton Village?

A. Riders will need to transfer at Miller Park, and will need to exit the shuttle on Millward St., then walk across Deloney Ave. to board the Teton Valley bus on the south side of Deloney Ave.

  1. Q. How long does the shuttle take to get to the Airport?

A. The route is estimated to take 28 minutes from Miller Park to the Airport; this estimate does not account for traffic or other unexpected delays.

  1. Q. How far in advance should riders leave before a departing flight?

A. The airport advises all travelers to arrive at the Airport at least two hours before departure. Checked baggage cannot be accepted less than 45 minutes prior to departure due to FAA and TSA regulations.

  1. Q. Why was the winter season chosen for the pilot study?

A. Winter tourism is focused more on air travel than the summer months. By providing bus coaches with ski and luggage bays, we hope to gauge how popular a shuttle service will be for visitors, locals and employees.

  1. Q. Will bus drivers assist with loading luggage?

A. Bus drivers will open storage compartment doors and assist with loading luggage.

  1. Q. Can I buy a transfer to board other START Bus routes?

A. Customers must buy two tickets and activate each as they board the appropriate bus. For instance, to get to Teton Village, a customer must buy the $10.00 airport shuttle to Town fare and a $3.00 fare from Miller Park to Teton Village.

A. Each fare/ticket should be activated when boarding, as the fare is valid for 60 minutes from when it is activated.

  1. Q. Can customers get a refund in the Transit App?

A. Yes.

  1. Q. Can I reserve a seat?

A. While customers can purchase fares in advance, that is not the same as a reservation.

A. There are 53 seats on the bus, and START will be ready to send an extra vehicle if a bus is full.

A. Riders and non-riders should take the survey when they travel to/from the Airport and let us know if the ability to reserve a seat is important to you.

  1. Q. Can I park in Town to use the shuttle?

A. The pilot service is designed to allow people to take other START routes, including START On Demand, or be dropped off by a friend, family member or taxi/rideshare service at one of the stops.

A. Please refrain from parking your vehicle at Town lots for the service. These lots are intended for people to access services and businesses near the Town lots (Miller Park, Deloney, and Home Ranch).

A. In winter months, there is no on-street or parking lot parking from November 1 – April 15 between the hours of 3:00 am – 7:00 am.

  1. Q. Will Airport employees park in Town and ride the shuttle to work?

A. Airport employees will be advised to refrain from using public parking in town to use the shuttle.

  1. Q. How will the success of the pilot be evaluated?

A. Example performance measures include:

– Passengers per hour: 10 or more passengers per hour; 7 or more passengers per hour average over the complete pilot

– Cost reliability and on-time performance: 85% on-time performance

– Customer satisfaction: Survey results

– Farebox recovery: 40% or higher

  1. Q. Will the airport shuttle service continue if it’s deemed a success?

A. Once the program ends in April, stakeholders will evaluate the pilot study and results will be shared in a report in July, 2024.

  1. Q. Have the hoteliers been involved?

A. Both in-Town and Village hotels have been included in the communication efforts.

A. We will be interested to hear hotel guests’ feedback to hotel operators.

  1. Q. Will there be communication for tourists in the Airport terminal?

A. Yes, Airport staff will have multiple digital signage locations with details on how to use the shuttle service.

  1. Q. How is the pilot program being funded?

A. The Airport is funding the majority of the pilot program. Shuttle farebox revenue will offset a portion of the Airport’s cost to operate the pilot study.

A. The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board has also opted to help fund half of the communication efforts around the pilot study.

  1. Q. How will a future prospective Airport shuttle be funded?

A. There is currently no funding for a future Airport shuttle service. If the pilot study succeeds, stakeholders will evaluate the feasibility and funding options for future service.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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