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JAC is following the Federal Mask Mandate. Facial coverings must be worn at all times.
Runway Reconstruction Closure: April 11, 2022-June 27, 2022


6°F / -15°C

NW 4 mph

Agendas & Minutes

The Jackson Hole Airport Board typically holds a monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am in the Board Room in Airport Administration, except for the months of November and January, when the Board has historically chosen not to hold a meeting. Board meeting agendas, meeting minutes and summaries of those meetings are posted below.

2021 Board Meeting Dates: (Meeting dates are subject to change)

January 27, 2022 Special Meeting

February 3, 2022 Special Meeting

March 16, 2022 Regular Meeting


Board Meeting Document Archive

2021 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
December Special Board Meeting12/17/2021AgendaSummary
November Board Retreat11/30/2021
November Special Board Meeting11/19/2021AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/20/2021AgendaMinutes
October Special Board Meeting10/4/2021AgendaMinutes
September Regular Board Meeting09/15/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
August Regular Board Meeting08/18/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/21/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
June Special Board Meeting06/28/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/14/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/20/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/21/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
April Special Board Meeting04/08/2021AgendaMinutes
March Regular Board Meeting03/17/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/17/2021AgendaMinutesSummary
January Special Board Meeting01/28/2021AgendaMinutesSummary

2020 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
January Special Board Meeting01/16/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/17/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/17/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/23/2020AgendaMinutes
April Special Board Meeting04/24/2020AgendaMinutes
May Special Board Meeting05/07/2020AgendaMinutes
May Regular Board Meeting05/21/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
June Special Board Meeting06/02/2020AgendaMinutes
June Regular Board Meeting06/17/2020AgendaMinutes
July Public Hearing07/15/2020AgendaMinutes
July Regular Board Meeting07/15/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
July Special Board Meeting07/31/2020AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/19/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
September Special Board Meeting09/16/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
September Board Retreat09/29/2020AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/21/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
November Special Board Meeting and Capital Plan Update11/04/2020AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary
December Special Board Meeting12/18/2020AgendaMinutesSummary

2019 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/22/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/22/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/21/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/12/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
July Special Board Meeting07/22/2019AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/21/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
September Regular Board Meeting09/18/2019AgendaMinutes
October Special Board Meeting10/01/2019AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/16/2019AgendaMinutesSummary
November Special Board Meeting11/13/2019AgendaMinutes
November Board Retreat11/19/2019Agenda
December Public Hearing12/18/2019AgendaMinutes
December Regular Board Meeting12/18/2019AgendaMinutesSummary

2018 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
January Regular Board Meeting01/24/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/21/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
March Regular Board Meeting03/21/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
April Regular Board Meeting04/27/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
May Regular Board Meeting05/16/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
June Regular Board Meeting06/20/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
July Regular Board Meeting07/11/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
August Regular Board Meeting08/10/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
September Regular Board Meeting09/12/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
October Regular Board Meeting10/10/2018AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/16/2018AgendaMinutesSummary
December Regular Board Meeting12/19/2018AgendaMinutes

2017 Agendas, Minutes, and Summaries

Meeting NameDateAgendaMinutesSummary
February Regular Board Meeting02/22/2017AgendaMinutes
March Regular Board Meeting03/19/2017AgendaMinutes
April Regular Board Meeting04/19/2017AgendaMinutes
May Regular Board Meeting05/17/2017AgendaMinutes
June Regular Board Meeting06/21/2017AgendaMinutes
July Regular Board Meeting07/19/2017AgendaMinutes
August Regular Board Meeting08/16/2017AgendaMinutes
September Regular Board Meeting09/20/2017AgendaMinutes
October Regular Board Meeting10/18/2017
October Special Board Meeting10/18/2017AgendaMinutes
November Regular Board Meeting11/01/2017AgendaMinutes
November Special Board Meeting11/10/2017AgendaMinutes
December Regular Board Meeting12/20/2017AgendaMinutes

Financial Information

The Jackson Hole Airport Board is a Joint Powers Board as defined under Wyoming State Statute. Each fiscal year, the Airport Board approves and adopts an annual budget and submits it to the Town of Jackson and Teton County for consideration. The Town and County must also approve Federal Grants that the Airport may receive. Additionally the Airport Board annually has had independent third party audits of the Airport’s finances to ensure accurate financial reporting. Audits from 2010 to present can be found below along with approved Budgets and Budget Presentations for the past two years.

Staff Updates

The Airport Board and Staff publish an Employee Newsletter each month.  Below readers can catch up on past and current events, Employees of the Month and other fun facts and photos we share with our team.

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Reduce the impact of your flight with carbon offsets.

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