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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wastewater Disposal Alternatives

Jackson Hole Airport has undertaken a parking lot/rental car facility upgrade planning project. This includes relocating and expanding the parking lots and replacing the rental car Quick Turn Around (QTA) facility. This project may require updating the existing wastewater treatment system. The purpose of attached White Paper (WP) #2A is to evaluate potential wastewater treatment and disposal methods for JAC and to recommend a preferred alternative. Of the five alternatives for treating and disposing of wastewater generated at JAC, the comparison level projected costs range from approximately $370,000 to $3,200,000. Also, the surface footprints for each alternative range in size from no footprint to 198,400 ft2. The weight placed on a small surface footprint as well as remaining economical is of high importance. Based on comparisons made in the attached Whitepaper-2A, the costs of ROW acquisition and environmental clearance, the most economical alternative with smallest impact to the airport development is a tertiary level packaged wastewater treatment plant followed by injection wells. Please click here to view the referenced Whitepaper 2A.