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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Request for Statements of Qualifications (RFQ) for Options Development, Design, Bidding Assistance, and Construction Observation for a new Aviation Fuel Facility

The Jackson Hole Airport Board (the “Airport Board”) owns the Jackson Hole Airport (the “Airport”) located north of the Town of Jackson in Teton County, Wyoming. There are currently two interconnected fuel facilities at the Airport, consisting of seven underground storage tanks, having a combined capacity of 64,000 gallons of Jet-A fuel and 24,000 gallons of AvGas. The existing fuel facilities are antiquated, lack adequate capacity, and their location interferes with future Airport development.

The Board is soliciting Statements of Qualifications and Experience for its use in selecting a firm or design team to develop and help the Airport Board evaluate options, design, assist with bidding, and perform construction oversight of a new fuel facility on the Airport. This oversight will also include removal of the existing underground general aviation fuel facilities.

The Airport Board desires that its new fuel facility not only be properly located and adequate in size, but also be designed so as to be (a) as compact as possible in light of limited space available, (2) cost effective to construct, © safe to operate, reliable, long lasting and low maintenance, (d) able to unload and load fuel at the same time, and (e) able to meet environmental compliance standards reflecting the Airport’s unique location in a National Park.

The full text of the Request for Qualifications may be obtained from either Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Assistant Airport Director, Jackson Hole Airport, 1250 East Airport Road, P.O. Box 159, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001, 307-733-7695; jeanne.kirkpatrick@jhairport.org, or Jim Elwood, Executive Director, at the same phone number or jim.elwood@jhairport.com. Questions regarding the RFQ should be in writing (including via email) and should also be directed to either Ms. Kirkpatrick or Mr. Elwood.

We invite your firm to submit a Statement of Qualifications and Experience based on the information contained in the RFQ and your independent experience and investigation. Statements must be received by the Airport Board no later than 2:00 P.M. local time January 6, 2017. Late Statements and faxed or e-mailed Statements will not be considered