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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jackson Hole Airport Begins Terminal Building Expansion Project

Jackson Hole Airport Begins Terminal Building Expansion Project

The Airport has begun construction on a new and expanded Baggage Claim Building as part of the Passenger Terminal Building. The expansion project is designed to alleviate operational and passenger challenges that exist in the current configuration as well as accommodate growth well into the future.

The project will encompass 30,440 square feet including 13,348 square feet of baggage claim area, an additional 1,853 square feet in the screening checkpoint, and 2,173 square feet of new airline baggage service offices.  Currently at the airport there are two bag claim devices measuring 285 linear feet.  At the completion of the project there will be 4 bag claim devices totaling 655 linear feet.  There will also be additional space for airport and security screening employees as well as space for added mechanical, electrical, and operational needs.    

Bids for the project were received in April 2013 and Wadman Construction was awarded the contract as the apparent low bidder. The total project cost is $19.8 million. Funding for the project will come from several sources including:

  • Airport Cash $5.5 million
  • Wyoming Aeronautics Grant $2 million
  • Bank Loan $8.8 million
  • 3 years of FAA AIP Funds

The first phase of the project began May 7, 2013. In this phase a new two-level Support Building will be constructed south of the Terminal Ticket Lobby and east of the Airport Administration Building. This phase is expected to be completed before Christmas 2013. Upon Substantial Completion of Phase 1, a month-long sub-phase will relocate administrative and TSA support functions from the northern portion of the Administration Building to the new Support Building. During this phase there will be an impact to employee parking but not to public parking.

In the second phase of construction, a temporary baggage claim area will be installed in the employee parking lot east of the Administration Building. During Phase 2 one or both of the existing baggage claim carousels will be relocated to the temporary baggage claim facility. This facility will be ready to operate by mid-March 2014.

Phase 3 will start with the demolition of the existing baggage claim area and the north portion of the Administration Building. The new 27,900 SF ground level building will be connected to the Passenger Terminal, Administration Building and the new Support Building. It will house a baggage claim area with three flat-plate claim devices and a fourth claim device specifically designed to deliver skis.

The public spaces and building exterior will closely match the finishes of the 2009 – 2010 Terminal Expansion project. The new baggage claim area is expected to be functional by the end of October 2014. Exterior clean-up and closeout requirements will extend Final Completion of the project into spring 2015.

Bag Claim BSO View Ticket Hall View Oversize baggage Floor Plan)