Jackson Hole Airport / JAC

« Airport GuideTSA Travel and Security Tips

Traveling, particularly air travel, is rated as one of the most stressful things we put ourselves through. To make your air travel experience as stress free as possible, we recommend the following:

Travel Light

Pack the bare minimum. Don’t try to bring everything for every occasion. The more baggage you bring to the airport, the more likely you will run into complications.

Know What You Are Carrying

Too many times, travelers are delayed at security checkpoints because of disallowed items in their carry-on bags. Many times, the traveler isn’t even aware the items are in their bags. Make sure you go through your bags and that you are not carrying prohibited items. A current list of prohibited items can be found on the TSA Website.

TSA Website for Prohibited and Permitted Items

Dress for Success!

In today’s aviation world, security is tops! Security screeners take a hard look at everything that could conceivably be used as a weapon. Unfortunately, that means the more metal you have on your person when you go through the security check points, the harder security will look at you. While there is no dress code to fly, what you wear can make a difference in your traveling experience.

Give Yourself Time

Please arrive at the Jackson Hole Airport in plenty of time to check in and get through screening. Most airlines recommend 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. At the Jackson Hole Airport, the person checking you in is the same person loading your bags and boarding you. If you arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure there is a good chance no one will be available to check you in because they are loading bags. Just because there is no line doesn’t mean you will be helped.

In addition to the above, contact your airline for recommendations they may have to facilitate your trip. Also, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has put together an informative web page to help get you through airport security. You visit the site at http://www.tsa.gov.

Screening Claims

If you have missing or damaged items resulting from Security Screening at the Jackson Hole Airport, please fill out the Claims Form and mail it back to: Jackson Hole Airport Board, P.O. Box 159 Jackson, Wyoming 83001. Please be sure to also include proof of cost of the missing/damaged item(s).

Click here to email us with questions
Click here to download Claims Form PDF.

Extended Tarmac Delay Plan

In the event of extended tarmac delays, this plan describes how to the extent practicable, Jackson Hole Airport will provide for the deplanement of passengers; provide for the sharing of facilities and make gates available at the airport; and provide a sterile area following excessive tarmac delays for passengers who have not yet cleared United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP). Click the following link to view the Extended Tarmac Delay Plan.

« Airport GuideRental Car Options

The following rental car agencies are located on the airport grounds:

And the following agencies have locations in downtown Jackson:

« Airport GuideShuttles & Taxi Services

The Jackson Hole Airport has many types of ground transportation to meet travelers needs. The following ground transportation providers can be found at the airport, or click here to download the full list of providers.

Shuttle Companies

Shuttle Rate Card

Taxi Cab Companies

Taxi Rate Card

  • AA All American Taxi (307) 699-3192
  • A Black Car Service (307) 413-2572
  • A-1 Taxi (307) 690-3900
  • A to B Transportation (307) 413-7378
  • Airport Taxi (307) 699-7221
  • All Season Transportation (307) 699-7688
  • Ambassador Taxi & Wildlife Tours (307) 690 3211
  • Black Diamond Transportation (307)203-5990 Black Diamond Transportation
  • Bronc’s Car Service (307) 413-9863 Bronc’s Car Service
  • Cowboy Cab (307) 413-1200
  • Daniel’s Cash Cab (307) 413-3770
  • Eclipse Taxi (307) 413-3797
  • Flying T Taxi (307) 690-0000
  • Jackson Hole Taxi (307) 699-3369 Jackson Hole Taxi
  • JAC Transportation (307) 699-3113
  • Local Taxi Service (307) 203-0631 Local Taxi Service
  • Marvel Taxi Service (307)413-1075 Marvel Taxi
  • Mountain Mike’s Taxi (307) 774-1000
  • Old Faithful Taxi (307) 699-4020 Old Faithful Taxi
  • Old West Transportation (307) 690-8898 Old West Transportation
  • Outlaw Taxi (307) 413-9995 Outlaw Taxi
  • Parkin Transportation Service (307) 203-6442
  • Pathfinder Taxi (307) 690-1004
  • Prime Taxi Service (307) 200-1006
  • Pro Cab Service (307)699-9777
  • Snake River Taxi (307) 413-9009 Snake River Taxi
  • Stagecoach Taxi (307) 699-0665
  • SUV Transportation (307) 413-0985
  • Teton Mountain Taxi (307)699-7969 Teton Mountain Taxi
  • UVC Transportation Services (307) 413-6000 UVC Transportation Services
  • Village Taxi (307) 413-1000
  • VIP Car Service (307) 413-4404
  • Western Transportation (307)264-9366
  • Wind Taxi (307) 203-0770

Executive Services (call for rates)

  • The Driver Provider (307) 733-4629
  • Mountain Resort Services (307) 733-1112
  • Snake River Transportation (307) 413-9009
  • Teton Limousine Services (307) 413-3760 jacksonholelimousine.com
  • Western Transportation (307) 264-9366

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« Airport GuideParking Information

Because the Jackson Hole Airport is located within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park, we have a very limited amount of space. As a result, sometimes parking spaces are hard to come by. It is recommended that you take advantage of the taxi or shuttle services, or have someone drop you off at the airport two hours prior to your flight time. If you do plan on parking your car at the airport, rows 12 through 22 are available for long term parking. Rows 1 through 10 in the parking lot are designated for rental car return only.


Short term parking

If you’re just here for a couple hours, it’s free. Row 11 in the parking lot is reserved for two hour and handicap parking.

Long term parking

If you plan to leave your car parked at the airport overnight, it’s $12.00 per night.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is located in Row 11. These spots are free of charge when used as short term parking. If using a handicap space long term, the $12.00 per night parking fee is required. (To obtain a parking display, please see Pay-Display-Park below)


There are three yellow overnight parking pay stations; two on the east side of the parking lot and one on the west side of the public lot. These stations take credit cards or cash. Just follow directions on the display. Pay, then display your receipt and park. Thank you for paying your parking in advance. If you find your trip extended, please fill out the Extended Overnight Parking Form and email it to operations@jhairport.org. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding parking at the above email or at 307-413-1516.

Parking Refunds

If your flight is cancelled, you can get a refund for your parking fee. Just bring your receipt to the administration office, complete the paperwork and your fees will be refunded.

You can also fill out the Parking Refund form and send it in to the airport administration office with your receipt attached. The form can be found here and emailed to robin.usher@jhairport.org. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding parking refunds at 307-733-7682.


The curbside area at the terminal is for loading and unloading of bags and passengers only. There is no parking at the terminal. Any vehicle left unattended at the curbside of the terminal will be ticketed and possibly towed. You don’t want that.

« Airport GuideServices & Amenities


There is one restaurant at the airport, “Jedediah’s at the Airport.” Hours of operations are from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The breakfast menu has your normal entrees; eggs, bacon, pancakes, with a few special items like the breakfast burrito. Breakfast is served until 10:30 a.m. You can also quench your thirst at the full service bar and the coffee is always fresh! Check out their menu of great foods — a local favorite!

There are soda machines located throughout the terminal.

Gift Shops & Snack Machines

  • Jedediah’s At the Airport
    Jedediah’s at the Airport has an excellent assortment of souvenirs, books and snacks for that last minute gift from Jackson Hole.
  • Grand Teton Park Book Shop
    When you make a purchase from our park bookstores, you are supporting the educational, interpretive, and scientific programs in Grand Teton National Park. All profits from your purchases are used to finance new publications and to assist the National Park Service to lead visitors not only to admire but to better understand our parks.

Restrooms/Drinking Fountains

Restrooms and drinking fountains are located at the north end of the terminal and in the center near the entry to the security screening area. We now have a restaurant, gift shop, restrooms, drinking fountains, and soda and snack machines inside the boarding area for your convenience.

Other Amenities

  • Wireless internet access by Silverstar is available throughout the terminal free of charge.
  • For your convenience an ATM machine is located near the baggage area.

Lost & Found

Items found at the airport are stored in the Airport Administration Office lost and found locker. To inquire whether any lost items have been found please contact the Airport at info@jhairport.org.

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